The 1993 album Painful was Yo La Tengo’s first breakthrough, a whispery feedback-streak opus that stood as a worthy riposte to British shoegaze; Electr-O-Pura, two years later, sounded more spartan but boasted career-highlight songs like “Blue Line Swinger.” While those two records solidified Yo La Tengo as one of the best bands in a competitive indie rock landscape, 1997’s I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One was their first true masterpiece. An easy way to break the ice when meeting a new couple is to ask them how they met. Find Yo La Tengo discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. Music Reviews: We Have Amnesia Sometimes by Yo La Tengo released in 2020 via Matador Records. Yo La Tengo. Their cover-band roots return on “Little Honda,” which gets under the hood of the Brian Wilson original and corrodes it with chugging distortion; it wasn’t necessarily supposed to be on the album, McNew has said, but “it just sort of turned out pretty good.” And McNew, who has also long made endearingly shambling indie-pop under the goofy misnomer Dump, he had his first Yo La Tengo lead vocal on “Stockholm Syndrome,” and earns it with high and lonesome folk-skronk that’s like a missing evolutionary link between Neil Young and Whitney. Nicky Bray's Musical Menagerie - All Day Fundraiser - Wharf Chambers, Leeds. It’s a bittersweet elegy for a life on the road, of Monday matinees and playing in Southern college towns where Cracked Rear View is the pre-show house music. Create Your List. But in the elegant sprawl of Yo La Tengo’s rendering, it all sounds like a dream nonetheless. Whatever the specific reference, the song itself is quintessentially cozy, capturing the feeling where the days are growing shorter and it’s time to move inside. Guitarist Ira Kaplan and drummer Georgia Hubley are married people who like each other, quite the rock & roll novelty. Patty Waters - Sings 4. Leave a reply. In the story of I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, the other key relationship, beyond Kaplan-Hubley, and beyond Kaplan-Hubley-McNew, is between the musicians and their fans. TRACKLISTING: 1. And a band that a decade ago cut a harmonica-tinged jangler called “3 Blocks From Groove St.” happily found that rhythmic destination in the Stereolab-locked psych loops of “Moby Octopad,” which also managed to sample an obscure Burt Bacharach track. ... More Yo La Tengo albums Yo La Tengo also seek escape, talking of love as their place to hide from the outside world. Yo La Tengo - Ride the Tiger 9. Lo and behold, Yo La Tengo have joined Bandcamp.Or, at least one that’s being managed by their label Matador Records. Shades of Blue 3. Sign up for our newsletter. But for all its stylistic eclecticism, the record also sensitively traces the outlines of intimacy, both musical and romantic, hinting at a new way to imagine a life in music, one that still resonates 20 years on. It’s an idea that was already turning into a throwback in its own time, as the major labels’ slash-and-burn approach to the U.S. indie underground left a denuded cultural landscape. Want more Rolling Stone? There's a Riot Going On is the fifteenth full-length studio album by the American band Yo La Tengo, and was released through Matador Records on March 16, 2018. It was ranked 77 in Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Albums of the 2000s. Shortwave 9. It was 1980, and the Feelies, New Jersey’s own nervy new wavers, were playing at Maxwell’s, a bar that had opened a couple of years earlier in Hoboken. Music reviews, ratings, news and more. The Best Shoegaze & Dream Pop Albums and EPs of the 21st Century - Part 2. Nice poppy tunes, a bit plain and corny. This album was released 07/17/2020. But beyond its music, which has lost none of its luster, the album also captures a moment in time, and points to creative ideals that still matter. Yo La Tengo’s second EP in recent months finds them resuming their covers jukebox niche, weaving together selections as unlikely as a 1940s blues … Polynesia #1 7. For You Too 5. 5 on the Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop critics’ poll, still the band’s highest placement, and has ranked high on 1990s best-albums lists, Pitchfork’s among them. “When the smack begins to flow/I really don’t care anymore,” Lou Reed sang on the Velvets track, one where he infamously called the opiate both his life and his wife. Television, GBV, Yo La Tengo To Play Noise Pop Chicago Creeper Lagoon, Anti-Pop Consortium, Autechre, BellRays, Couch, Eleventh Dream Day also set for May 9 … It cracked No. In “Last Days of Disco,” Kaplan sings about his first dance with Hubley, his Everydude voice full of rapt wonder: “And the song said, ‘Let’s be happy’/I was happy/It never made me happy before.” They trade memories of their early days — Ira trying not to stare, Georgia wobbling on her platform shoes — with a narrative flair they’ve never even attempted before.

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