It is with deep regret that we mourn the loss of our friend and fellow EVE Online player, Branko "soder" Kabanica. This meant that B … Soder, or deda (grandfather) as he was known to many of us, died by COVID, on November 4, 2020 in hospital at the age of 53. By Tom Francis 26 November 2015. How EVE Players Pulled Off The Biggest Betrayal In Its History. Lee Yancy. Up to now this is all classic Eve - betrayal by people you trust. A betrayal in New Eden as the war rages on. Thanks to a bug, a routine payment from the H A V O C corporation to EVE Online’s in-game security force CONCORD failed. This is obviously not OK and CCP banned gigx permanently. The postscript is less nice though: gigx in a moment of anger asked in in game chat for real life contact details for TheJudge so that he could 'cut off his hands'. The biggest ships ever seen in New Eden are as mysterious and weird as the Triglavian Collective itself. The EVE Online twitterverse exploded late last night with the news of a political twist so enormous that it’s become the largest recorded theft of in-game assets in the game’s history. Unlike most MMORPGs, EVE Online links its in game currency to real world money which allows for real life transactions to affect the game. EVE Online Murder Incorporated: ten months of deception for one kill in Eve Online. Published 3 years ago: September 15, 2017 at 12:15 pm- ... EVE Online … Comments; Shares. In the middle of the night and without warning, major EVE military alliance Circle of Two (or CO2 for short) was betrayed by its diplomatic officer, a player with the ominous name of The Judge. But the events that transpired in the recent days have put all the past scams to shame. Share. EVE Online is an open-universe MMO sandbox where players can do just about anything. Comments; Shares. How Eve Online Players Pulled Off The Biggest Betrayal in its History. Share; Tweet; Google + EVE is a space-based massively multiplayer online game with a notorious reputation for treachery, betrayal and deceit. It is a living world where wars, alliances, espionage and political betrayal are commonplace.

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