The Dyson V8 And V10. ACCESSORIES. This was after 1 battery recharge cycle. Basic specs compared: Dyson V11 Absolute vs Tineco … This is an important feature on any vacuum that is designed for carpets so it is nice to see Tineco putting some thought into this. Whether you’re working with pet hair or dust particles or talcum powder that you’ve spilled, this vacuum can easily take care of it. I've decided writing this blog about smart technologies which help us everyday and I hope you will like my reviews. Just like the Tineco A11, you empty the dustbin with the single press of a button. The Tineco A11 has a long list of features that you might not expect to find on a relatively unknown brand. If I’m not in my office, you will find me testing gadgets and writing reviews. Tineco and Dyson are two very popular manufacturers of stick vacuums. Each device has an LED power brush – the Tineco A11 Master has two – and these power brushes use an LED to illuminate dirt and debris, while cleaning, as well as working on specific surfaces. Sign In. Many people compare Tineco cordless vacuums with Dyson cordless vacuums, which are considered to be the best … The release of new models at the beginning of 2020 allows the brand to keep the same price. It lasted for 28 minutes and 33 seconds. Tineco A10 Hero/Master vs. Tineco A11 Hero/Master: Stick Vacuums August 16, 2020 January 8, 2019 by Raymond Mueller Vacuum Cleaning technology has come a long way since it’s invention and commercialization in the 1950s, and the latest fad is … However, even though the Tineco is a better overall vacuum cleaner, there may still be good reasons to prefer the other options. The Tineco A11 Master stands as the best of what the company has to offer. It's in the top 3 bestselling stick vacuums and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Tineco A11 Master or Tineco Floor One S3. The Tineco A10 is their most popular model for good reason. The Dyson V10 Absolute checks all of the boxes … The Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus is 10 x 6 x 47 inches and weighs 6.6lbs. Dyson is the far more popular brand, but Tineco is also quite popular. The V11 model is more expensive than its Tineco rivals because this is a more well known brand with more trusted reviews and reputation. Soft, anti-static carbon fiber filaments capture dust from hard floors and crevices. Tineco A10 vs. Tineco A11 vs. Dyson V10 The Difference between the Hero and the Master. Let’s start by finding out how effective these two stick vacuums are at getting rid of dirt in your home. Learn how your comment data is processed. The sample sent to me by Tineco is the A11 Master+, so it comes with both the LED multi-tasker power brush and the soft roller power brush. Both brands have made consistently unique design choices. If you do choose to use the highest setting, though, you can only use it for fifteen minutes at the most. Hi! MODA ONE HOT. Tineco lasts 60 minutes (30 minutes each battery) on standard mode and 30 minutes (15 minutes each) on max mode ; the Dyson works from 7 to 40 minutes on different power settings. There are dozens of newer stick vacuums on the market. Dyson's most powerful cleaner head ever. Both these vacuums are incredible alternatives that will give you a lot of value for your money. The main powerhead works with two brushrolls that you can use to … In addition to having similar or better features than the competitors, it also beats both the Dyson and the Shark on overall cost. In terms of overall suction power, both devices offer up to one-hundred and twenty air-watts of suction power. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The V11 Absolute measures brush bar resistance to detect a change in surface from hard floor to carpet, and increases the power when you switch. Where it beats Dyson is the remove-able battery packs so you can get about an hour of run time right out of the package. We have the Tineco Pure One S12 M Lite, Tineco Pure One S12 M, Tineco Pure One S12, and Tineco Pure One S12 Plus. In this review, we chose the Pure One S12 Plus as it boasts the most features compared to the other three. Stiff nylon bristles drive deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt. Tineco A11 Hero vs Dyson V8 Animal. Dimensions and weight – The Tineco A11 Master measures 43.7 × 10.4 × 11.2 inches and weighs just 5.5 lbs. With that being said, you probably won’t need to use it for that long, in a single, unbroken period. It's … Copyright © 2020 Robotbox. It lasts for up to 100 minutes. Shark ION F80 This cordless stick vacuum comes with decent suction for a cordless stick vacuum while at the same time ensuring that you have options for accommodating the different floor types in your home. Filtration is tremendous with a 4 stage design. The Tineco has an airflow of 26 CFM to 43 CFM depending on the power setting which is more than the Dyson V10 on low power delivers (26 CFM vs. 18 CFM) but is higher on high power settings (43 CFM vs. 41 CFM). The Dyson V8 Animal has more power and lasts about the same (40 min vs. 50 min on low power) but on high power it has about 6 minutes of runtime compared to 14 minutes per one battery the Tineco has. The A11 added a larger dust bin, greater battery capacity and more power in max mode. For this review, we will be comparing the Tineco A11 Master to the other two stick vacuums. The two models available in the US market are the Dyson V11 Torque Drive and Dyson V11 Animal. Even though they aren’t a household brand name yet when you look closely at the A10 you will find out that it provides tremendous value. Both the V8 as the V10 come with all of the different attachments that the Tineco A11 comes with, which makes it easy to extend the devices capabilities, in order to reach smaller spots and crevices, as well as making it easier to clean up pet hair and fur. It’s like an affordable Dyson V8—like the V8, it has two different brush heads, one for carpet and one for hardwood. Thus, Tineco A10 still costs $200. Some posts may contain affiliate links. On the A11 Master, one power brush is for hardwood flooring, and the other is for carpet. The Dyson has a built-in battery too. In fact, the two things that separate them consist of the dual LED power brushes that the A11 Master has, in comparison to the A11 Hero and its single LED powerbrush, along with the fact that the A11 Master comes with a variety of attachments, whereas the Tineco A11 Hero does not come with any attachments. It’s like an affordable Dyson V8—like the V8, it has two different brush heads, one for carpet and one for hardwood. One unique twist on this is the filter is not washable but can be thoroughly cleaned via their include… Direct-drive LED multi-tasker power brush. This model is at the same price range as the Dyson V8, but a little bit more expensive than the Shark ION P50.. Last update on 2020-11-30 / Most affiliate links and/or Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. The filtration is fully sealed with a HEPA filter to trap the vast majority of dust particles that travel through. The Moosoo stick vacuum creates a high speed rotating airflow to remove particulates from air. The Tineco A11 Master has two heads with LED lights; the Dyson lacks the lights. WET DRY VACUUMS. In this review, I will look at the versatile Tineco A11 Hero, the features it comes with and why you may want it for your home. The difference is the color, with the former sporting a light blue and silver finish while the latter is emerald green and silver. Tineco and Dyson are world-leading brands in all types of vacuums. Tineco is a cheaper alternative, but it is not an established brand like Dyson. Tineco has patented a “Rinse-Free Filter Cleaning System” that allows you to clean the filter in less than ten seconds, and then you can put it back in and start vacuuming, once more. The increased power and battery life can aid in cleaning larger houses. Later on, we will give our recommendations on who should buy which model and why.

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