Students are invited to attend career events and workshops, and schedule individualized career advising appointments. 2170 (during office hours only) Teaching Assistants: Hector Addison, Matthew Morris, Salah Jama African-American Humanism in an Age of Africana Studies, 23. BRYAN CARTER received his Ph.D. at the University of Missouri-Columbia and is currently an Associate Professor in Africana Studies and Director of the Center for Digital Humanities at the University of Arizona. The term Africana emerged in public discourse amid the social, political, and cultural turbulence of the 1960s. Introduction to African American culture through a historical and social perspective. Email is considered an official method for communication at VCU. Reading: Adam Serwer, “The Myth of … Professor/Instructor. COURSE TITLE. Devon Lee. Campus emergency information Africana Studies is interdisclipinary, drawing together (among others) the fields of history, sociology, psychology, literary studies, political science, gender and sexuality studies, philosophy, and the health sciences. Using the tools of the social sciences and humanities, Africana Studies examines the structure, organization, problems, and perspectives of the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora. (1992) 172 Charles P. Henry and Frances Smith Foster 16. This preview shows page 1 … Introduction and Course Objectives ; In an ever expanding global village, people are coming into … Political Philosophy and African Americans in Pursuit of Equality. Founded on the idea of struggle and resistance and eventually becoming the intellectual arm of the Black Power movement, the field has for decades institutionalized and established itself as a … Prerequisite: AFS 331. Honor System: upholding academic integrity For this option, select courses denoted … – An Introduction” by completing each of the 3-hour modules over the next six months.] To discuss financial aid and the student bill, visit the Student Services Center at 1015 Floyd Avenue (Harris Hall) and/or contact your financial aid counselor regarding the impact on your financial aid. Sample Syllabus. Instructor: Henry (Hank) Williams, Adjunct Lecturer, Africana Studies Department Office Location and Hours: Carman 398, Thursday 5-6 PM; Tuesday/Wed by appointment Course Location: Carman Hall 332 Wednesday: 6-8:40 PM Bulletin Description: AAS 166, 3 Hours, 3 Credits. to Africana Studies. Faculty may not add students to class rosters or Blackboard. Thursday, November 14 – The New Jim Crow? Patricia Hill Collins. See the General Education section of the Undergraduate Bulletin for more details. Class registration required for attendance Knowledge will be demonstrated and evaluated on tests and forums. An undergraduate degree in … Part V. Social, Psychological, Political, and Economic Dimensions in Africana Studies, 15. Research Methods and Paradigms in Pan African Studies (3) Prerequisite: Upper division Standing. 701 Oakland Avenue. … 1 AND 2) INTRODUCTION TO AFRICANA STUDIES, CLASS SYLLABUS SPRING 2020 Mon/Wed. They should be able to develop arguments and explanations about events and concepts that engage constructively and critically with course materials. Africana Studies, (3rd edition), Mario J. Azevedo (ed.) Required courses: AAAS 11: Introduction to African Studies. Syllabus - AFAS222 AFAS 222-001 Introduction Africana Studies History of Ideas University Arizona Fall 2016 Instructor Phone Class Time Office Hours. Please put away your phones, and turn of the ringers, before the start of class. We will examine the earth-shaking Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) and investigate whether the American Civil War was propelled by a slave rebellion of its own. Career Services can help students with finding a work-study job on/off campus, resume writing, internship development, interviewing, preparing for graduate school, networking, or job searching,. In addition, VCU officials have obligations to report information shared by a student depending on the content of that information, for example, in compliance with VCU’s policy on the duty to report. Students are expected to check their official VCU email on a frequent and consistent basis (the university recommends daily) in order to remain informed of university-related communications. • AFR 0022-01 Black World Literature ~ Modhumita Roy Category II (Methodology and Concentration): A course drawn from the following courses: Race and US Africa Policy; Black Feminist Theories; African Politics; Youth of Color; Critical Race Theory; African History; History of … of French) Tel: (613) 520-2600 ext. The Intercollegiate Athletic Council strongly encourages faculty to treat missed classes or exams (because of a scheduling conflict) as excused absences and urges faculty to work with the students to make up the work or exam. Quiz 1 Due 11:59 pm Tuesday, September 6. Africana Studies Program and Hardin, John A., "Humanities 214: Introduction to Black Culture syllabus" (1990). For more information about Title IX, please visit please visit This is one of over 2,200 courses on OCW. Africana Studies Program and Hardin, John A., "Humanities 214: Introduction to Black Culture syllabus" (1990). Syllabus. Video Essay Project Teaser Due via youtube link sent to my email at 11:59 on October 17. The Politics of Black Women’s Studies (1982) 187 Gloria T. Hull and Barbara Smith 18. Adam Ewing, 816 W Franklin Street, Rm.

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