Nearby were the reasons for the sharks coming so close to shore: hundreds of lounging, federally protected gray seals, the favorite meal of great whites. Leave the water quickly and calmly if a dangerous shark is sighted or if you are being instructed to do so. Do not enter the water if bleeding or if you have an open wound. A recent Tweet from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shared a … But--one thing they weren't prepared to see was sharks swimming near the shore. Sharks see contrast particularly well. Avoid being in the water during darkness or twilight hours when sharks are most active. Sharks and surfers: a … The sharks were seen swimming as close as 20 feet from the shoreline on the day Miami-Dade beaches reopened. Experts: Sharks swimming close to shore are looking for seals, not people ... Massachusetts was chased by a shark. Sharks Swim Near Humans a Lot More than You Think Thanks to drone footage, we now know how often sharks are close to us in the ocean. We know sharks are cruising the waters off Cape Cod. But it's alarming to see how close they can get to shore. Avoid uneven tanning and bright colored clothing. A recent Florida Atlantic University study shows why hammerheads swim so close to us. Do not provoke, harass, or entice a shark, even a small one.If you are spear diving and are approached by a shark, stay as still as possible. Tech & Science Sharks Massachusetts Cape Cod Great white sharks Beachgoers at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, have snapped fascinating images of a great white shark swimming extremely close to the shore. Do not wander too far from shore. Sharks are well equipped to locate prey even when visibility is poor. The sharks have even been spotted in the shore breaks only 20 to 30 feet from shore. Do not wear shiny jewelry. Use extra caution when waters are murky. A surfer pointed out the dorsal fin as he was paddling just 100 feet off shore. "This is the restaurant here.

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