Fruits (rich in vitamins C) Fruits like papaya consists of carotene, which is known to stimulate oestrogen hormone causing periods to get preponed. If you want to have the period preponed, consume ripe papayas every day. In this article, we will be writing about the foods to make your periods heavier. Most people reach for pain relievers or a heating pad when period cramps hit, but the foods you eat … Foods rich in Vitamin B6 can help you in reducing symptoms like bloating and control mood swings. Raw papayas also have similar benefits. You’re a grown-ass woman who’s been getting her period for a long-ass time. Heavy menstrual bleeding, or menorrhagia, refers to excessive uterine bleeding that causes long, heavy menstrual flow. 9. By eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones, you can help reduce stress and stay bright and breezy. 3. A woman will try anything to alleviate the pain of period-induced cramps, from heating pads to yoga. To normalise your period flow, all you need to do is to eat the right foods, for example, adding iron-rich foods into your daily diet. Ahead, the nutritionist has shared a few food items women should eat and also steer away from during period. So eat … Some evidence suggests that specific foods may help alleviate certain period … Pineapple is another such fruit, high in vitamin C, which is believed to generate heat in the pelvic region, causing further contraction in uterus and is a reason for shedding of uterine lining.. Share on Pinterest Eating plenty of vegetables during menstruation may help reduce cramps and pain. In severe cases, menorrhagia interferes with your ability to function normally. Drink one glass on empty stomach and several times during the day to have early periods. During that time of the month, women can get more stressed out and suffer from mood swings. In this article, you’ll discover great nutritional tips on what to eat and what to avoid during your period. What does it do: Papayas have cleansing properties which act as a trigger for periods. ... It’s especially important during your period to get enough lean protein and fiber, which help stabilize your blood sugar, therefore reducing cravings for the bad stuff. Some may even alter their diet to lessen the side effects. This can help balance out some of the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS. Vitamins: There are some vitamins that you can t do without during your periods. Period cramps can be awful and often come with unpleasant symptoms like nausea or bloating. It is believed that due to the change in lifestyle, stress, and a wrong diet pattern, women suffer from menstrual problems. “Fruits, vegetables and whole foods are your friends always, but especially during menstruation. Recommended foods Beans Foods to eat during your period Eating foods like eggs, salmon and spinach that are high in tryptophan, an essential amino acid used in hormone productions, may help to increase serotonin levels. The fruit from sugar may help alleviate sugar cravings,” explains health and fitness consultant Tari Rose. Here are some of the best foods to eat when suffering from menstrual cramps. The great thing about fruit, particularly at this time, is its high fibre content, which can help improve regularity. The Best Foods to Eat When You're On Your Period Credit: Shutterstock . Eat papayas everyday to get early period. During this time, girls should take extra care of their diet and sanitation.” This is primarily because an improper diet can result in pain, headache, nausea, diarrhea among many other symptoms.

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