Return to Randall and claim your nice amount of 500 caps. Approach him and he will initiate in a conversation with you, immediately, you are given the option to initiate combat with him, or hear him out. Upon initiating the quest, you'll be tasked with tracking down the most malevolent and vile assortment of outlaws in the Mojave Wasteland. Before asking for the next bounty, you can question Randall about his time in Mississippi, to which he will tell you that he remembers it being extremely hot and mosquitos are nearly everywhere, he grew up on a farm handling the livestock and remembers some of the areas being irradiated. Before asking for the next bounty, you can inquire with Randall as to why you have to collect fingers specifically, to which he explains that it is an easy way of identifying a person and that he learned it from his mentor; Marshal Cooper, whom he met after his family was killed by Marko. Loopy06 Loopy06 Member; Members ; 98 posts #4; Posted October 25, 2014. New Vegas Bounties I & II, The Inheritance, New Vegas Killer, and Russell are top quality mods and they always get on my load order when I play New Vegas. Archived. I have zero regrets about dropping it." Marko's identity is unknown throughout the entire affair, as he is supposedly just a citizen of Frosthill. Take him down and take his finger away from him, turn it in to Randall who will give you 1250 caps. Your next target is a western regulator gangster architype named Dallas Courtright, who has moved into Westside and proclaimed himself the Sheriff, becoming a de facto dictator. Return to Randall and he will give you 500 caps for the finger. Continuing on with Bogan, you will find him and his crew camped outside an abandoned shack down the hill from the Northern Passage. :D Someguy2000-New Vegas Bounties II You can either be honest, or insult him and call him a hillbilly, both of which will turn him and his brothers hostile and you will be forced to kill them. Once he’s dead check his corpse for a holotape titled Competition, where it reveals that he was hired to take you out by Judge Richter, for taking up too many bounties. New Vegas Bounties I is a quest mod on Fallout: New Vegas and is the first mod that AlChestBreach has ever reviewed. If you have less than 90 in that skill, you can attempt to choke him but he will easily escape your grasp and will walk off to begin preparations for your butchery. New Vegas Bounties I is the first installment of a quest-chain where you hunt down some of the more villainous characters in the Mojave Wastelands. On Randall's urging, the player terrorizes the outlaw populace of Frosthill and its surrounding hamlets, forcing people to give up information on Marko, often by way of torture. Randall later learned after the encounter that Doc Friday is a legendary gunslinger, that he apparently killed an entire squad of legionaries in seconds. If you haven’t discovered the station before, there is a chance that you will encounter some Jackals outside, they’re very easy to kill, finish them and head inside. which means “Your death, my life.”, regardless of whatever you choose he will engage in combat, kill him and take his unique Machete if you like it, then proceed with returning the finger and earning your 750 caps. Sometimes the line between challenging trials and outright punishment is unclear, but it was definitely the latter. Jasper claims that Alex and his cronies learned about the bounty they put on him and tracked down both him and his friend Ben to get revenge, they attacked the two and dragged Ben off into an alley to wreak further pain on him. Marko is mentioned in New Vegas Bounties I, New Vegas Bounties II, The Inheritance, Russell, Bad Mothafucka, The Better Angels and makes his long-awaited appearance in New Vegas Bounties III. I really wan tto start them! Global texture replacer. Randall reminisces the bounty he obtained on a ghoul named “Doc Friday”, whom he believes is still alive. Share this post. Randall & Associates have an open bounty hunter position, Steven Randall is stationed outside Primm. Simply wait and Mago will come into your cage with a cleaver, ready to kill you, you can fight him off at this point. Randall has heard rumours that apparently, he and his company are moving into Vegas soon, which he believes will lead to a disaster. With a Speech skill of 75 you can convince him that his work in westside has been appreciated but his regulating is needed elsewhere, which he will appreciate and will leave with no issue. Description: New Vegas Bounties III is the final installment in the New Vegas Bounties series of quest mods. In spite of the events leading up to it, the final showdown with Marko in New Vegas Bounties III features two moments. After speaking with him, he will not turn hostile and allows you to make the first move, kill him and take his finger, also take his unique revolver if you like, he also has a unique outfit which grants some bonuses when it comes to shooting. New Vegas Bounties II is the sequel the popular New Vegas Bounties I, and picks up immediately after the uncertain ending of the first episode. Check his back room which contains a giant teddy bear named Cthulhu, and about five holotapes titled; Red Bear's return, A Humble Request, Warning, Harmonica and A Favor (all of which foreshadow future targets you may be meeting later on in the story). It persists through the ESC menu even, preventing me from quitting or reloading (unless I alt-tab and kill the process of course). Below is a list containing every reference, instance and mention of Marko in the Someguy2000 series. It features several hours of content, a frigid, new worldspace and over 2,000 lines of voiced dialogue. Return Quigley’s finger to Randall and he will give you 125 bottle caps. View mod page; View image gallery; Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX. This is the event that lead to Randall starting up his own company; Randall & Associates, The Judge however started up his own as well; Richter & Associates. Marko plans to gather more men and supplies before he can travel west, and has even mentioned to The Judge that should he meet Randall, to give him his regards. He maims the player, kills any companions, strips his/her gear, then leaves them behind, broken. Your next bounty is a man named Tommy, who is associated with the Omertas, he is hotheaded and killed someone just for making a joke about his shoes, this individual had connections and now they want Tommy dead in retribution. You will automatically be given a location to Randall & Associates on your pip-boy, fast travel there (or walk like a baller) and you will be greeted to a man sat at a desk typing away on his typewriter, speak to him and he will introduce himself as Steven Randall, he will give you a quick interview, simply asking if you are fine with the requirements, which is having the courage to kill people, agree to it and he will then give you a Bounty Hunter Duster and your first contract; a former NCR Ranger named Tom Quigley whom “lost his fucking mind” after contracting syphilis and resorted to banditry and murder. He also remembers that The Gulf was a tough region, saying it would “take the act of god to tame that region”. The citizens are unable to get him to leave, and out of desperation, have hired a bounty hunter to get rid of him by any means necessary. 3 Esther acknowledged the Courier's mercy as an opportunity to finally turn away from her criminal past and focus on her new family. Page 3 of 387 - New Vegas Bounties I - posted in File topics: This looks cool, reminds me of some of the old school Morrowind adventure mods. 0. 15. The first one happens if you choose the very last dialogue option, which results in this exchange: The Courier: I'm going to skull-fuck you, and I won't be gentle. For anyone that cares, Someguy2000 is releasing New Vegas Bounties 3 on the 10th! Washell. Either way he will turn hostile, beat the fucking shit out of him and his friends, try and knock his unique cane out of his hands so you can use it against him, and if you want to kill him in a more satisfying way, get a mod such as Near Death so you can tie him up and torture him before cutting off his fucking head like you potentially promised Jasper you would, enacting the perfect justice for Ben. Throughout the conversation you have the option to tell him you have had enough of his fat ass and want to kill him, or that you're going to send him to hell with Marko, or even insulting him and calling him a murderer, which will immediately turn him and all of his guards hostile. New Vegas Bounties is the one and only quest in New Vegas Bounties I, and the first main quest in the someguy series. Without a firm to provide sponsorship, you must strike out as a solo contractor for the NCR. Alternatively you can use a Speech check of 35 to make him believe that you have urgent business with Tony, or use a Strength check of 8 to intimidate him, he will let you through. Once you’ve reached the back of the station to the prison cell, Cullen will arrive and will encounter you, after some short dialogue you can immediately engage in combat and blast his head away before he even gets a chance to use his fire axe. Loot The Judge’s corpse and take his safe key and his unique hatchet if you want. If you have killed Vulpes Inculta at any point during your playthrough, you will be greeted by a legionary centurion named Lucius Pullo who has come to avenge Vulpes, if you have an Intelligence of 8 you have the option to say Stipendium peccati mors est. Recently, Jack murdered a farmer and his wife, which lead to Gunderson firing him, which has now made him into nothing more but a gun for hire. Needless to say, the finale that Someguy2000 is putting together is something I’m pretty hyped about. I am on a optional capture or kill mission and I knocked the target out with the Bounty Hunter Baton, and I am given no option to put the collar on him. Last Update: 09 Jan 2016. With a Speech skill of 50, you can trick The Judge into thinking you have bad hearing and that he needs to speak closer, he will fall for it. Randall mentions that you don’t have to necessarily kill the target, you just have to get him out of Westside and the job is complete. #15498290 is also a reply to the same post.Boulder City, toward the damn. Once he is dead, take his finger from his inventory and report back to Randall, however if you have the time you can search his duffle bag which has some ammo and food which will be useful if you are playing on hardcore mode as well as an interesting holotape titled Whore!, which contains mass amount of profanity toward a woman named “Maude”, also Quigley has a unique trail carbine that you can take. Because of your skills you’ve demonstrated throughout all the contracts you’ve taken; The Judge has taken an interest in you and is offering you a chance to join. Unfortunately, I took the long way of re-doing NVBI first, but I'll remember this for the future. Fallout: New Vegas - New Vegas Bounties Mod. Help yourself to some of The Judge’s food and supplies and even loot the armor and weapons off of his slaves and then leave the bunker. Your next contract is more of an investigation, people have been disappearing on the road south of the Mojave Outpost, it was originally expected to be the work of radscorpions, but apparently it has become evident that there is some human involvement, the client wants you to investigate and find any results to the people going missing. The characterization for certain NPC's would've been forced, which was another factor in why I passed on it." Either way, once he is dead and you are free from your cell, take his finger and leave the bunker, before leaving you can find your gear in his quarters just on the left before heading to the exit. Without the protection of Gunderson’s influence, Jack has finally become eligible as a wanted criminal and many of his enemies want him to die. Jack is currently visiting Goodsprings to get some work, head there and you will immediately see him standing on the porch of the General Store, seemingly expecting you he will approach you. If none of these options are applicable to your player character, then your only option is to either seal the deal or insult him and turn everyone in the room hostile. Installation: Extract the contents of the data folder from the archive into your New Vegas data folder. Largely set in the snow-laden Deep Creek Mountains of Utah, New Vegas Bounties III pits the player against a range of new enemies, all while compelling him/her to work with new and familiar allies alike. Randall became fond of Doc Friday that he decided to settle his bounty over a game of cards (what game exactly he does not specify). I've long been a fan of the New Vegas Someguy series. If you’re a badass you should have no problem taking them all down at once. Take his finger and give it to Randall for 1250 caps. New Vegas Bounties III is the final installment in the New Vegas Bountiesseries of quest mods. If you do manage to miraculously beat him, you can find a holotape on The Judge's corpse titled. Cut off his finger and head back upstairs, if you bypassed Rowdy earlier then he will be hostile, kill him and gtfo. It features several hours of content, a frigid, new worldspace and over 2,000 lines of voiced dialogue. Fallout New Vegas Texture pack by NeilMc_NMC: re-textures roads, trees, landscape, vehicles buildings and interiors with high-resolution photographic based equivalent textures. Devour his corpse if you have the cannibal perk to make the whole thing ironic, he deserves it, lol. When I click OK, it just keeps coming back. Upon examining his corpse you will find a holotape titled A Word of Warning by Judge Richter, except this time he is referred as “The Judge”, the message depicts a warning to Tommy about the assassination in his presence and offers to hire him if he can bring The Judge the head of your player character. Immediately Javier Sugar enters the building, you can ask him about Randall’s fate, to which he will confirm that he is dead and that he personally buried him in the desert. Page 510 of 541 - New Vegas Bounties II - posted in File topics: Having an issue with the Red Bear quest line. When you return to Randall, you will find that he is nowhere to be seen, however a knife is digged into his wall mounted painting, holding a note. Upon initiating the quest, you'll be tasked with tracking down the most malevolent and vile assortment of outlaws in the Mojave Wasteland. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. View the Mod DB New Vegas Bounties mod for Fallout: New Vegas image New Vegas Bounties Dhatri wishes for them to be assassinated, so that he can put a major dent in the Fiends' leadership and morale. New Vegas Bounties III Auditions Are Now Open! Go to the Prospector Saloon in Goodsprings, once there go up to the counter and you will find a holotape labelled Now Hiring!, pick it up and a note will be added to your inventory misc data section, informing you that a bounty hunter company; Randall & Associates, is looking for recruits to help take part in hunting down wanted criminals. If you have the Cannibal perk, you can ultimately bite his throat out. With the Mojave Wasteland purged of its most dangerous elements, the Courier is soon contacted by a mysterious figure, setting in motion a chain of events that will challenge the player as never before. I hit (E) because that is my search key but it just comes up as "so and so is unconscious." He also leaves a tiny message saying if you ever locate his mentor Marshall Cooper, to please send him his regards. Kill Cormac, search his corpse retrieve and read Another Batch. Dreadlord Phallus And The Quest for The Immersive MacGuffin, Speak to chesty about the caravan attack. If you have an Unarmed skill less than 90 but more than 75, you can break his right arm, everyone in the room will turn hostile, except he will have an almost crippled right arm which you can easily use to your advantage. It features several hours of content, a frigid, new worldspace and over 2,000 lines of voiced dialogue. Upon initiating the quest, you'll be tasked with tracking down the most malevolent and vile assortment of outlaws in the Mojave Wasteland. He has become well-known for intimidating landowners into selling their property to Gunderson, being very ruthless and even built a significant body count of kills in the process. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. So, while it takes place in the future, it is not our future, but a future as imagined in traditional 1950s-style science fiction. Major Dhatri has been running into some problems with the raider gang known as the Fiends, who are terrorizing the area outside Camp McCarran. Randall does not mention how he escaped this, but more or less has told you about his hatred of ghouls. Take his finger and head outside. Standalone Cyberware from Project Nevada. If he does tell you, he informs you that The Judge is a butcher and a “pederass”, he is around seven foot tall and is a very strong man, Randall claims to have witnessed him rip off a man’s jawbone and beat him to death with it. They have killed many NCR troopers from the camp; those they did not kill, they left traumatized. Regardless, he will turn hostile and you will have to kill him, he has a scripted Hunting Shotgun so be quick to kill him. Meet up with Ricky who is residing in a public Novac house, Ricky is nervous and will take his time answering your question, so you can intimdate him with Strength check of 8 to get the answer quickly, where he mentions that it was in a dark place, head north west of the house, there you will find the remains of a half eaten Tomas, you will immediately engaged in a conversation with Fred, a fucking terrifying Ghoul with a deathclaw gauntlet who looks like a total copy-cat of Freddy Krueger, lmao. Any way to finish New Vegas Bounties using console commands? If that isn’t the case, then do not worry, he is not that hard to kill, the simplest way to kill him is to just pull out a sniper rifle and shoot him straight in the head, if not, just charge up to him and take him down like a boss. Randall doesn’t know where the ghoul is, other than the fact that he drifts place to place with a female ghoul named “No-face Kate”. CrackRockSteady for Miscellaneous 'Models & Textures', Quetzlsacatanango for the 'Pregnant Outfit', TrickyVein for the 'Classic Fallout Architecture', Quetzlsacatanango for the 'General wisdom and plot feedback', Thenryb for the 'Assistance with comments, Godlike patience, and sage counsel'. New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) DLC: Old World Blues; Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW) Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) JIP LN NVSE Plugin; Tag this mod Description; Files 3; Images 2; Posts 254; Bugs 0; Logs; Stats; Current section. < > Showing 1-3 of 3 comments . The player is forced to track a chain of letters, usually leading to the aftermath of some grim event, each letter mocking him/her as "Too slow". Motorhead has some unvoiced dialogue that cannot be heard without a mod that makes Fiends friendly. If you killed Caleb McCaffery in the Debt Collector quest, then upon leaving Randall's shack, you will be confronted by three hunters, Luke, Dan, and Jesse, who are Caleb's younger brothers. He is currently in a plain region where he is selling captives to the legion, Caesar has granted him and his men the ranks of “foederatus”. Talk to him, he does not provide much information other than the location of where the attack took place, once you get there you will find the ashes, skull and mutilated arm of a man named Quantrill, you will see a holotape in his hand, pick it up, there it reveals that his commanding officer; Onoda, is planning to raid the Brotherhood of Steel safehouse, head over there and you will be greeted to an extremely hostile fully clothed Enclave Officer Onoda, kill him and take his finger. can someone tell me where to start the New Vegas Bounties quests! But instead, Randall has decided to give it to you so you can use it to avenge him and that it is the only thing he can think of in order to reward you, believing that you will put it to better use. Marko: You know how uncomfortable that would actually be? The Long Version: I cannot describe how excited I was when I first heard that Someguy2000 was releasing this. Dosbilliam, Boring but Practical. Was the end of FNV: New Vegas Bounties 3 by Someguy referencing something? (Mod) New Vegas Bounties II, How do I capture people? At its core, New Vegas Bountiesis a… Return to Randall, give him the finger and he will give you a nice sum of 1,000 caps. Randall was hired to kill Doc Friday because he apparently shot an actor in the testicles, despite Randall’s distaste for ghouls, he decided to let Doc Friday tell his side of the story due to his own hatred of actors. Requirements Nexus requirements. If you killed Rowdy, Tony will already be hostile and you can kill him straight away, or if you bypassed Rowdy, Tony will engage in a conversation with you to which you can tell him you’re going to collect his bounty, which immediately turns him hostile, kill him and check his corpse, he has a couple of holotapes discussing a purchase and arrangements, and a unique assault carbine named “My Little Friend”, help yourself to some of the booze in his hideout (especially the amount of whiskey behind his counter) and check out his drug lab where you’ll find a slave who's collar activated upon Tony's death. You can ask Randall a few questions about his former life before leaving which will provide some important details you may want to keep in mind later. To avoid the fight with “The Coyote” entirely, if you have a Speech skill of 65, you can talk him down by making him believe he will be hunted down by other bounty hunters if he continues to run a competition like this, to which he will let it slide, he will then run off (if you still want to get the Competition note, then you will have to quickly pickpocket him, but be quick as he is fast). Viewing: About this mod. Billy managed to escape when he was on his way to the gallows, he has now formed a group of ex-convicts, raiders and various misfits, whom are equipped with an excessive amount of weaponry, they are heading north to most likely raid lawman, Randall suggests trying the Northern Passage to find them. You can have all the mods active at once, it's just that there is no scripting to delay the start of Bounties 3 or Better Angels so from a story perspective it breaks things as you won't have even finished Bounties 1 yet but you'll be getting prompted to speak to the guy who starts Bounties 3. This makes the fight much easier and you can fight him on his own, he only uses a unique hatchet called The Evening Redness, he has just nearly 1000 health, so use Sweet Revenge on him to enact justice for Randall. Read the note which depicts a message from The Judge, which informs you that Randall is apparently dead and a man named Javier will be coming to visit you. Close. If i remember right go to the Goodsprings bar and it will be on the bar and you can start it. Several companions, vanilla or otherwise, are randomly assassinated. The fact that Marko would've gotten away without any sense of resolution for the player was the nail in the coffin. The Fallout world is not our own, but rather one that has diverged from ours soon after World War II. Fallout: New Vegas. "I'm taking a pretty hard line against the Regulators, since they don't have any place in New Vegas Bounties III, nor in Fallout New Vegas. With a Strength skill of 8 you can intimidate him to leave, which he will agree to. Loot The Judge’s corpse and take his safe key and his unique hatchet if you want. Get back to Randall and give him another finger, earn your 500 caps, enjoy ‘em. #2. Upon entering you will find the bunker filled with food and water, go down the steps and speak into the intercom, a man introducing himself as Dr. Vincent Mago reveals that he has created an “Oasis” for those suffering in the desert and welcomes you to enjoy some of the supplies. Next, if you have a Speech skill of 75, you can convince him into leaning closer, if you have less than 75 though, he will not fall for it. If you have a Speech skill of 85, you can trick him into thinking you cannot hear him, which will make him annoyingly move in closer to speak to you, at this point, if you have an Unarmed skill of 90, you can break his neck and the cell will immediately be unlocked. This adoration of the series is part of whats driven me to make this post, because it's one of the most deflating moments for me in every playthrough I've done- which has been many. Go to Randall and give him Cullen’s finger, you will earn 500 caps. Your next target is an unknown person who has been kidnapping children at night in Novac, one of the witnesses, Ricky, a Jet Fiend, has some information to share on the kidnappings. In the end, Doc Friday won the game, and so Randall spared him. The note was left by Randall should the event that he is killed or kidnapped happen, directed to you, the note details that Randall accurately predicted his own death, you were considerably the best bounty hunter he ever had the chance to work with, and in return would like you to take all the bottle caps his company made, but as a personal gift, he wanted to reward you with a revolver that was manufactured before the Great War, which he vowed that it would be the very weapon he would use to extract revenge on Marko, the man who came into his home killed his family before disfiguring his face, even going as far as to promise himself that would not fire it until he has located him. Any way to finish New Vegas Bounties using console commands? I only have one question - are you willing to kill people for money? This is not for the weak-hearted as this is a challenging quest mod that will frustrate yet challenge you. New Vegas Mods: Jebediah's Bounty - Duration: 19:21. And that's just the first act. 13. New Vegas Bounties I is the first installment in a planned series for Fallout New Vegas. Now it is just bounty hunters and generic outlaws with no specific affiliation." Later, he/she is confronted with the initial dilemma - to get passage to Utah, he/she must assist raiders in ambushing a convoy. The leader of the ghouls was a man named Ray Philips, whom began torturing both Randall and James, starting with James he cut off his nose, hand and foot. 4. Page 115 of 196 - New Vegas Bounties III - posted in File topics: Found a great song about this mod.Fits perfectly.Someone must make a video about Bounties 3 with this song. Just cleared the Bunker and Cloister, and when I killed Aaron Flagg, the "Flagg is Dead!" New Vegas Bounties III is the final installment in the New Vegas Bounties series of quest mods. #3. I think both NVBI and II are some of the most essential mods to have when playing the game, and are now no less part of the game than the DLCs, in my mind. New Vegas Bounties III is the final installment in the bounty hunting series, and picks up immediately after its predecessor. The raiders then lead him or her north. Randall suggests checking out Fields’ Shack as he is familiar that is where rangers would regularly hang out, check there and you will find nothing, however upon exiting the shack you will come face to face with Chuck himself alongside a legion assassin and a frumentarius disguised as gamblers, he offers to give you a quick death, but fuck him up before he can. Before ending the note, Randall pleads with you to find Marko and end his spree of terror. Mago will then walk off and begin preparations for your butchery, there are several ways to escape the cell and defeat Mago: Keep in mind that Mago has a scripted cleaver that can do an exceptional amount of damage, so you will have to be agile around in him the situation, he does have a spare cleaver on a bench which you can use against him and it will make things easier, but still do be careful.

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