Tell me in the comments if you’ve knit with lopi, and what you think of it. Istex Alafoss lopi. See complete description. Original Icelandic edition of Reynolds Lopi Volume 22. It is lightweight and easy to knit. Delivered anywhere in UK. The Perceptions Hats are all stranded colourwork (hello, my fave), and each has a beautiful crown. Do not wring or twist. This review focuses on the classic bulky Alafoss, referred to as “Lopi” here just for simplicity sake. Gauge: 18 sts to 10 cm (4") over St st using size 4½ - 5 mm (Old UK 7-6) (US 7-8). Icelandic knitting yarn, Icelandic wool sweaters, Icelandic design and souvenirs at a reasonable price - world wide shipping. A garment knit to a tighter gauge would be pretty much indestructible – as far as handknit garments go. nøgle af 50 gram. Sew a simple face mask (comfy enough to wear every day! £2.00. The undercoat traps heat, keeping you cozy. Álafoss - since 1896. approx. 109 yards per 100 gram skein. Gratis thuisbezorgd vanaf €50,-! You can see even at the looser gauge, the lettlopi has expanded to fill in the gaps, making for a more solid(ish) fabric than we could expect from a smoother yarn at a similar gauge. Knititng and crochet are just two of my passions! It can be a bit splitty, so blunt needles are better than sharp. We then have the modifiers: Whichever lopi you choose, it all comes from Ístex, the only mill in Iceland. Avoid direct sunlight. Kijk voor inspiratie bij de collectie van Lopi boeken en bij onze gratis patronen! A list of potential substitutes, if you can't get hold of Ístex Létt-Lopi / Lopi Lite, with detailed advice and warnings about any differences. 100 g (3.5 oz.) Home / yarn / bulky / Alafoss Lopi. Garnet har en fast pris på 44 kr. I love scratchy wool! Léttlopi (or lopi lite) yarn is half the weight of Álafoss lopi. Alafoss garnet har nogle helt fantastiske egenskaber. Garnet består af 100 % uld fra islandske får, hvilket giver garnet en høj kvalitet og fremhæver de gode kvaliteter ved ulden. Pamphlet published in June 1998 Language Available languages Icelandic Notes. 100 m. (109 yd.). Gratis patronen van Istex Lopi voor truien, vesten, mutsen en meer. I’m not associated with any of these stores, but you can buy lopi: If those options don’t work for you, try: That’s a lot of words about a little bit of yarn! Made from 100% wool, the way this yarn is spun makes it lightweight and breathable as well as cosy, and with a spetacular 50 colours to choose from, you'll be making your very own Scandinavian jumper in no time. Lopi. Lett Lopi garn er det perfekte islandske helårs garn til nordisk vind og vejr. In order to survive the harsh Icelandic winters, Iceland’s sheep are a little different to your regular sheep. I have been looking for patterns using this weight that I could knit with 4 colors. A list of potential substitutes, if you can't get hold of Ístex Álafoss Lopi, with detailed advice and warnings about any differences. 4 blue, 4 brown, 2 light gray and 2 dark gray. And some evidence that homemade face masks help quite a lot. Most face masks fit well, but none were perfect. It’s even worth checking with your local yarn shop, as they might carry it. Alafoss Lopi Father Son Sweater Knitting Pattern 106. To this day I still enjoy knitting Lopi sweaters, but in the state of Virginia it is very difficult to find Lopi patterns, and the yarn must be ordered online. Lopi isn't so traditional anymore. 3 bids. Tilvalinn í flíkur til útivistar. Is dat akkoord? It’s the only wool that feels authentic to me! 100 gram / 100 m per bol, pen 5,5 - 6,5. Álafoss Lopi garen is afkomstig van het ijslandse schaap. Clothes knitted form Alafoss Lopi wool yarn are cozy and lightweight. Worsted weight yarn 100% new wool. £3.10 postage. I’m not sensitive to wool or itchiness, so I’m happy wearing my stopover over a short-sleeved shirt, but a garment at a tighter gauge (i.e., more outercoat hairs per square inch) would probably be less comfortable. The beautiful color selection makes Lopi Álafosslopi perfect for Fair Isle work—from warm sweaters to resilient mittens. I mean – look at them! Job lot knitting yarn 500 grams ALAFOSS LOPI Chunky Pure Nature Wool KL3292. I’ve only worked with Lettlopi (so far…), so that’s all I can speak to. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Pamphlet published in June 1998 Ár Trésins (Design 41) by Jóhanna Hjaltadóttir; 4 908. My children would layer other sweaters under the Lopi sweater, and then go out and play in the snow in the state of Maine. Bulky yarn 100% new wool. Istex Álafosslopi (formerly “Lopi”) is a bulky yarn spun from 100% Icelandic sheep’s wool. A cake recipe so delicious, no one will ever suspect its vegan. or working with me. And stay up to date with our latest offers, Haakpret basistechnieken en video tutorials, Unieke Haakpret ontwerpen van Anja Toonen, Kleine fournituren - gesp - stoppers - koord - knopen - etc. Sweaters use the bulkier so I was looking at hats and gloves. This is literally unspun “plates” of lopi. Amazon See price. £11.06. It’s a little “hairy”, but really soft. Otherwise… maybe don’t? pr. Zowel de garens Létt Lopi, Alafoss Lopi als het lace garen Einband Lopi zijn er in ongelofelijk veel kleuren en de breipatronen ontworpen voor deze garens wil je gewoon meteen gaan maken. Alle soorten Lopi wol! I was happy to be a beta knitter for the new Woolly Wormhead Hat collection. Léttlopi produces garments that are comfortable to wear indoors or outdoors. Ægte islandsk Oh and it comes in just about every colour you could wish for. Here’s the free pattern I used (and how they look on). Ístex Álafoss Lopi. Notes. At this point, you’re probably rolling your eyes at me and thinking “Big deal, I knit with wool all the time!”. My daughter just came back from Iceland and purchased for me lettlopi yarn. Du får et garn hvor du kan ånde uden at fryse eller svede. *, Lopi is made from Icelandic sheep wool. Anyway, I’m seriously excited about my future sweater! Veghel, Nederland. Knitting with lettlopi yarn is a completely different experience! Seriously warm. I have checked out Ravelry. But take a closer look at this yarn! We picked up a couple of ready-made reusable face masks to try out, and J decided he preferred them. Hvis du strikker en sweater i uldgarnet, får du en varm trøje, som vi næsten kan garantere, at du aldrig fryser i. Den vil være yderst velegnet, hvis du fx opholder dig meget uden for, går på jagt eller fisker. Icelandic wool is lightweight, warmer, and more water-resistant than any wool found elsewhere. I choose Number Three, which turned out to be Hermes: “the Greek god of travel who bridged the […], In the last six months, I’ve sewed a whole bunch of face masks. I made Lopi sweaters for my children over 50 years ago, about 4 years ago I passed two of the somewhat worn but still very serviceable sweaters on to other children. I'm a kiwi living in Geneva. Flíkur úr Álafosslopa eru hlýjar og einstaklega léttar miðað við þykkt. Lopi. Álafoss Lopi fra Ístex er en ægte 100% Islandsk uld, der med sin tykkelse egner sig til alt fra trøjer, cardigans og jakker. We then have the modifiers: Álafoss Lopi. Te bestellen per patronenboek, of ontvang een gratis patroon bij aankoop van de wol. 100% Icelandic wool with the lanolin still intact makes it ideal for outer garments. IJslandse wol (alafoss, lett en einband) direct te bestellen. Office: Lækjargata 2, 101 Reykjavik. A little hairy, but I feel that contributes to it’s interesting texture. ), Best-ever vegan chocolate cake with vegan chocolate ganache & edible flowers, Homemade face masks for that quarantine chic, Each 50g ball contains – 100 metres/109 yards. I’m knitting a beautiful brown color that has lots of varied hues…I think it is called muddy or mucky or something. 100 gr. £1.35 postage. er der gratis forsendelse. Lopi Lettlopi - All Colours - Product Description Lettlopi is approximately half the weight of Alafosslopi making it the perfect weight for garments that you can wear both indoors and outdoors. Luckily, it’s pretty readily available! Álafoss Lopi - 100 % pure Icelandic wool yarn.From Iceland, this pure wool yarn is renowned for its tradition of quality. Alafoss Lopi Lett Lopi Plotulopi / Plotulopi bundles Bulky Yarn Kambgarn Einband Hosuband Sample Cards Lett Lopi Wool Yarn produces garments that are comfortable to wear indoors or outdoors. Lopi Lite: Referred to as Lett-Lopi (Lite-Lopi in the United States), this yarn is only half the weight of Alafoss Lopi and is used for lighter garments. Formerly marketed by Reynolds in the US as “Lopi… Lopi felts.). Icelandic Wool Yarn. Hand wash and dry flat. I’ve started my first Lopi sweater today. Homemade face masks may not be effective at blocking The Virus. For warm winter garments that breathe Álafoss Lopi is the right yarn. Det er vandafvisende, det er varmt, som i dejligt varmt. Evelyn Mintzer Do you have any suggestions? Like a lot of us, I’m making face masks. Ending Saturday at 10:00PM GMT 5d 20h Click & Collect. Lopi Álafosslopi is a classic 100% wool bulky weight yarn that's great for Icelandic-style sweaters. It’s great! Why […]. Perfect for creating garments that breathe and are warm but lightweight, airy, insulating, and water-repellent. 100 m (109 yd). Lay flat to dry. I know I was nervous before ordering my first batch of the traditional Icelandic wool, so as I work on my second lopi sweater, I thought I’d write up a quick review. Basically, the sheep are dressed for winter like the rest of us: a tough outercoat to repel the weather, and a soft, warm layer underneath! Knits as a bulky at 13 sts= 4″ on US 10(6mm). Kies je eigen kleuren en make it your own! Gauge: 13 sts to 10 cm(4") over St st using size 6-6½ mm (Old UK 4-3) (US 10-10). Their fleece has two layers, the outercoat (or tog), which is long and “hairy” looking. Dit levert zeer pure natuurlijke wol op met bijzondere eigenschappen. Clothes knitted from Álafoss Lopi are cosy and lightweight. De 100% wol van Lopi wordt gebruikt in verschillende patronen van Haakpret zoals Dierenkruk haken, Pasen haken, Kerst Haken en Hobbeldieren Haken. 18. by Ístex Yarn. Knit up long-lasting, durable sweaters, coats, Winter accessories, slippers, and home decor. Gauge: 13 sts to 10 cm(4”) over St st using size 6-6½ mm. *I have in no way been compensated for this post, and all views are my own. Alafoss Lopi $ 10.00. Álafoss Lopi - 9967 - teal heather. 6-6½ mm. If you’ve seen a better sources than those, please drop them in the comments. Lett Lopi er det typiske uld garn fra Istex til islandske sweatere og giver fuld valuta for pengene med en fast pris på 25 kr. Istex Lopi Yarns is located in Iceland and has been manufacturing hand knitting yarns since 1896. Lettlopi is what I’m using. Roll in a towel to remove moisture. Projekter lavet med dette garn vil føles lette og luftige, mens de samtidig holder godt på varmen og er vandafvisende. Wat ga jij van Alafosslopi maken? Garnet er et isolerende, vandafvisende og åndbart nordisk uld garn. Alafoss Lopi Lett Lopi Plotulopi Plotulopi bundles Bulky Yarn Kambgarn Einband Hosuband Sample Cards For warmer winter garments that breathe, Alafoss Lopi wool is the yarn. Álafoss Wool Store: Álafossvegur 23, 270 Mosfellsbær. Patronenboeken van Isex Lopi met prachtige IJslandse truien. Lopi purchases their wool directly from Iceland farmers then spins, dyes and processes it into yarns all at their own manufacturing plant. Once you’ve minimized the risk of snags, you’ll find knitting swift and easy. Brand new never opened lopi yarn Retailing for 16 . clean. Álafoss Lopi er et autentisk islandsk uldgarn med alle de fantastiske egenskaber et sådan garn har. Lopi Alafoss Icelandic Wool Yarn description: Lopi – the very word conjures up images of traditional yoked sweaters in natural colors. Ideaal voor warme mutsen, truien of dekens. A small job lot of icelandic wool yarn by istex. A wide array of contemporary colors makes it perfect for today's styles. Plötulopi. at ulden er selvrensende, så er dit strik ikke ligefrem snavset/plettet, vil det ikke være nødvendigt at vaske det. Read more about me. Alafoss Lopi Yarn 9965 by Alafoss, used . Prøv det nye, varme og flotte garn fra Ístex. 50 g (1.7 oz) approx. Prjónfesta: 13 L = 10 sm slétt prjón á prjóna nr. approx. Gratis patroon vanaf €25,-! Op werkdagen vóór 21.00 besteld = vandaag verzonden! nøgle af 100 gram. It’s warm. So that’s lopi. Alafoss of Iceland Lopi & Lopi Light Patterns Hats Scarves Socks Jumpers Gloves. 100% new wool. Very! “The Original Lopi” 100g = approx. Remember that long outercoat? Lopi Alafosslopi - All Colours - Product Description Lopi is a brand of Icelandic yarn, so you can be certain that it will keep you warm and toasty! The thel, or undercoat, is short and soft. The pattern is easy as anything to make – easier than any other pattern […]. Any questions just ask. See price £ 6.00. Istex Alafoss lopi garn er et hurtigt garn … Lopi yarn comes in several weights, from bulky (called Alafoss Lopi) to a lighter (Lett Lopi) to laceweight (Einband). It repels water, and fills in any gaps in your stitches. dokkur um 100m. Alafosslopi wol is 100% wol en is afkomstig van het ijslandse schaap. Up to 40% off - Shop at Black Friday prices today - The November sale is live! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Alafoss Lopi: Referred to as simply Lopi in the United States, this yarn is perfect for thick, chunky knitwear. Lopi looks like a singles, but it’s actually composed of two delicate strands of barely twisted fibers< that have been twisted together t… Alafoss lopi 0008 Light denim heather. Lett lopi garn. Here’s another excellent lopi review you might like to read next. Det betyder f.eks. Traditional knit in the round patterns plus contemporary designs available too. But lopi really is a little different from other yarns. Here’s what it looks like knit up at13 stitches per 4 inches (on the left) and 20 stitches per 4 inches (on the right). Ved køb af ordrer over 650 kr. It also refers to a bulky weight of yarn, which is great for outdoor garments. Note that some do not find Léttlopi comfortable to wear next to skin. Door haar totale afgelegen positie heeft ijsland een zeer unieke schapenbevolking die zich in 1100 jaar zonder enige inmenging van buitenaf heeft kunnen evolueren. 100 g (3.5 oz.) 100 m. (109 yd.). If you haven’t yet knit with Lopi, do yourself a favor and choose needles with relatively blunt tips. It does soften with use and washing though (gentle handwashing of course! Also great for felting. Álafoss looks like a place I would seriously love to visit!. Let’s start at the beginning, yes? Alafoss Lopi er en tyk garn, som du kan bruge til rigtig mange projekter. So that’s lopi. Each ball of Lett-Lopi wool yarn is 50g A further striking characteristic of the Icelandic sheep is its natural colors: black, grey, and brown as well as the usual white. Hand wash with mild soap in lukewarm water. 5464 NK 110 yards 3.25 - 3.5 sts and 4.5 - 5 rows = 1” in St st with US#10 - 10.5 needles. Hvis du vil friske det op, er det en god idé at lufte det. Ístex Álafoss Lopi No. pr. Álafoss lopí is een heerlijk warm en licht garen. Here’s another excellent lopi review you might like to read next. Lopi 100% wool yarns are wonderfully warm and beautifully breathable and the range of colours available in Lettlopi means you can get creative with your craft! Store phone: +354 822-9100 Office phone: +354 445-8080 I’ve worn my Stopover pretty much non-stop for a year, with no noticeable pilling or damage. Alafoss lopi har mange farver og er et naturligt valg til den solide og enkle uld trøje eller de lune futter. Because it’s kind of hairy, you do want to wear a layer under it. Visven 8 (kantooradres) All our yarns are 100% wool, apart from Hosuband. There’s some evidence they might be worse than nothing. Ístex produces knitting yarn from Icelandic wool in different weights, from lace weight to bulky. De 100% wol van Lopi wordt gebruikt in verschillende patrone.. Wij slaan cookies op om onze website te verbeteren. Patronen, Fournituren en Garens direct uit voorraad! Best known for their Álafosslopi yarn the company makes all their products from 100% Icelandic wool. Gratis verzending vanaf €50!

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